Topsfield, MA funeral home and cremationsPlanning a funeral can be a bittersweet experience. You are sad to say goodbye to a loved one, which also brings up many emotions because of the happy memories you shared together over the years. When preparing for funeral and cremation in Topsfield, MA, it’s important to capture these memories in the way you honor their life.

At C.R. Lyons & Sons Funeral Directors, we offer customized support for families from all walks of life. If you are learning about the different types of funeral services, you are welcome to contact us for a consultation. We provide a complete range of services for funeral planning, including traditional events, small memorials, direct cremation, and everything in between.

Customized Solutions: Funeral and Cremation in Topsfield, MA

The ideal approach for funeral planning is to choose a package or services that match your preferences, then work with our team to customize the overall funeral plan. We have prepackaged solutions that include everything you need for quality services. The good news is that there are options for every price point, helping you maintain your budget, as necessary.

In addition to event planning, our funeral home staff can assist with product selection and more. Available services include:

There are many options within each category, which is why our team offers a personalized approach for every funeral plan. We invite you to reach out for more information about the various services that might be a good fit for your family.

How Do You Want to Lay a Loved One to Rest?

Traditional funeral services often involve a cemetery burial, giving you a place to return to any time in the future. It can be comforting to know where your loved one is resting. Families often have multiple plots in the cemetery so everyone can eventually be in the same location.

Talk to us about traditional services for funeral and cremation in Topsfield, MA. If you decide that this type of burial is your preferred method, we’ll walk you through the process of choosing a burial plot, cemetery, casket, headstone, and more. There are many small details that you can use to honor the person you love. Not only is cemetery burial available for caskets, but some families choose burial after cremation as another option.

Or, you might decide that cremation is the ideal choice because you don’t want to be limited to a cemetery burial. With cremation, you’ll receive the ashes. Then, you can select your preferred method for where these ashes will go. For example, scattering the ashes can be part of a small ceremony or gathering. Another option is to invest in customized memorial jewelry, or a personalized urn kept in the home as a memorial.

Talk to us about the pros and cons of both burial and cremation. At C.R. Lyons & Sons Funeral Directors, we are happy to share more information and help you decide on the ideal services for your family.

Coordinating a Funeral or Memorial

Another category to consider for funeral planning is how and when you want to gather with friends and family. This event can be a casual gathering in the backyard. Or, you might want a big, traditional funeral. Some families choose to skip the funeral or memorial for several reasons.

There are many personalization options for this gathering. Remember that the purpose of holding a memorial or funeral is to honor the memories of the deceased and provide a place where friends and family can gather.

One option is to hold the service at our funeral home or a local church. There is often a viewing or visitation at a formal event, followed by a traditional event held in a chapel. This program can include speakers, stories, music, and more.

Another possibility is to hold a graveside service. This outdoor gathering can be as formal or casual as you desire. Sometimes, the graveside is the only service. Other times, it is paired with the funeral.

Finally, consider a memorial, which happens after a person is buried or cremated. Memorials don’t have to happen immediately. For example, you might choose to wait a few weeks or months to give family members time to travel to the location. A memorial can be like a traditional funeral. Or, you might schedule an informal gathering at an outdoor location or any other venue of your choice.

Start Now with Funeral Planning

There are undeniable benefits from funeral preplanning. Our team is here to help with your preparations for immediate services or events in the future. Reach out to discuss funeral and cremation in Topsfield, MA. Visit C.R. Lyons & Sons Funeral Directors at 28 Elm St, Danvers, MA 01923. Call to learn more: (978) 777-7900