What Services Are Offered With A Funeral?

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Many services are offered with a funeral, and you’ll find some that you don’t want and some you do. Having a funeral home in Topsfield, MA there to help guide you will be a great way to ensure you get what you need without getting confused. Keep reading to discover some of the different options that you can take.


A Memorial Service


A memorial service is a gathering. The family and friends come together to honor the person who passed away, and this service is typically after the funeral. The body will not be present as it has already been buried, and usually, families come together and eat, grieve, pray, and do things of that nature. A eulogy can be performed here as well.


A Visitation Service


The visitation service is where the family and friends meet the family and offer their condolences. It is very similar to a viewing. The body may not be present for this service, and you should dress nicely. The visitation is most often held at the funeral home though it can also be held at the family’s home.


The Viewing Has The Body


The viewing also takes place before a funeral, like the visitation; during this time, the deceased’s body is present. The casket is usually open, so you can see the body and say your goodbyes. It will occur either the day before the funeral or just before it. Like the visitation, people dress nicely to pay their respects to the family.


Viewing is laxer than the funeral, so you don’t have to dress nice, but the typical behavior should be that you adopt business casual clothing. Suits, dresses, and the like are preferred, with everyone looking their best. For example, jeans and a t-shirt with flip-flops would not be appropriate here, and you would upset the family with your clothing choices. Death is brutal, and many people don’t know where to turn. The funeral home and cremation provider is someone who can help you greatly if you let them.


A Wake Is More Religious


funeral home in Topsfield, MAA wake is similar to a viewing; most people think they are the same when they’re not. The difference is that a wake is more religious and includes prayers, reading of the scripture, a rosary, or whatever religious connotations you wish for. It is also more social than a viewing. However, the dress code doesn’t change. Additionally, at a wake, you may find that you can stay with the deceased all night, which the other options on this list don’t allow in any capacity. The emotional upheaval these trying times can cause is sometimes so overwhelming that even the support of friends and family may not help relieve the amount of sadness and grief you feel.


Which Service Will You Choose?


One of the things to remember about these services is that only you can choose what it is that you want to do. It would be for the best if you also thought of your family. It might hurt them to see an open casket if you have young children because it can be frightening. Others handle it well because it looks like the family member is sleeping, so it doesn’t bother them. An emotional spouse might be unable to handle seeing them in the flesh; others demand it. Each decision will count on what you need. Remember, the funeral home in Topsfield, MA can guide you and help you decide what would be best for you.

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