Planning Cremation Services For A Veteran

Posted on February 27, 2023 by Lyons Funeral Home under Cremation services
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It’s hard to lose a loved one at any time in your life. When you are planning cremation services in Middleton, MA for someone in your family who was a veteran, you are going to want to make sure you need their needs, and give them extra honor as a thank-you for what they did for this country. Here are a few things you can include as you make those plans.


Display Their Uniform/Rewards

You might want to have their uniform or any rewards they received on display at their memorial service. It can be a nice way to showcase who they were when they served, their bravery, and their sacrifice. People can remember their personality, their style, and the service they put into the country. If you don’t want to have these items there in person, you could showcase pictures of them.


Look Into Military Honors

Everyone who served in the military has the right to military honors at their final service. That means folding the flag in a ceremonial manner and presenting it to the next of kin. There can also be military personnel in full uniform on site to give a gun salute and play taps. You get to choose which, or all, of these things you want to have done for your loved one.


Place Pictures In Their Video/Memorial Table

cremation services in Middleton, MA It’s nice to have a memorial table at a final service and you can place pictures there, both recent photos and those from when your loved one served. This is also a good place to put medals and other things they were honored with during their time in the service. If you have a memorial video going as part of the service, or in the background, photos of them in their uniform can be a part of that to honor their service.


Invite Other Veterans To The Memorial

Your loved one may very well have been in touch with other veterans, and it’s nice to have them present at the memorial service. If you know of any veterans your loved one served with, they might like to attend the services and honor your loved one. Or, they might have known local veterans that they connected with in coffee groups and in other ways. Having those people at the service can honor your loved one in a lovely manner.


Utilize Flag Decorations

The American flag can be an important part of the décor at any Veteran’s service. You will have a flag draped on a table, perhaps, which will then be folded and presented to the family. You can also place small flags on the ground leading to the venue to show something special is going on. Flags can be hung from the walls as well as in other areas.

When you are having cremation services in Middleton, MA for a loved one who was a veteran, talk to the funeral home professionals about how you can honor their service and meet their needs at the same time.

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