Personalizing A Traditional Cremation Service

Posted on April 10, 2023 by Lyons Funeral Home under Cremation services
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When you decide to have cremation services in Topsfield, MA for a loved one, that can buy you time in making other choices. Many families like to have a memorial service of some kind. Perhaps you have already decided you want to do something traditional in nature. But you also want things to be customized to showcase your loved one’s style and personality. Here are some ways you can do that, even within a traditional service.


Play Their Favorite Music

Music can bring up emotions and memories. There may be some songs that you know, and whenever you hear them, you will automatically think of your loved one. Go through their playlists and see what their favorites are. Choose songs that would work well for a cremation service and play them before, during, and after the service. The music can make the service feel a certain way and be very special and meaningful.


Incorporate Their Tastes In Décor

Your loved one had a certain style and you might want to incorporate their tastes in whatever décor you use for the service. That might mean a certain color in the flowers, placing certain colors on the table you use to display photos, and so on. You can personalize the service with décor items and that can help you to make things feel customized.


Have Their Friends Speak

Unique individuals have unique friends and you might want to have some of your loved one’s closest friends speak at their service. They can share stories, talk about the good times they had with their loved ones, and even make everyone laugh. Each friend was special to your loved one and what they have to say can make the service that much more meaningful.


cremation services in Topsfield, MA

Wear Clothing They Appreciated


Again, your loved one had a certain style, and you might incorporate that style in the clothing you wear. If their favorite color was blue, ask people to wear that color instead of the traditional black or other dark colors. If they liked to stay casual, wear clothing that airs on that side instead of something more formal. You are honoring them in a special way. There are no wrong or right ways to approach grief.


Serve Food They Enjoyed

Many memorial services are followed up by a reception or include food. When you think about what food you want to have at that part of the service, serve the food you feel like they would enjoy. If they have favorites, go that way and people can remember them through the tastes they enjoyed. It’s okay if the pizza was their favorite. You don’t have to have formal, traditional foods. It might even be better to have things that remind you of them so you can carry out the memorial in just the right ways.

If you want to have traditional memorials for your loved one after cremation services in Topsfield, MA, you can customize those options in a variety of ways that make the service feel special and unique for your loved one the whole way through.

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