Honoring A Loved One In The Digital World

Posted on April 3, 2023 by Lyons Funeral Home under Cremation services
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When a loved one passes on, the first thing you will likely concern yourself with is their care. They need certain things and as the person making those decisions, you have to figure out what you want for them. Cremation services in Peabody, MA are an honorable way to go and you might take that path for them. It’s nice to know they are in good hands and that their needs are met. Once the cremation is behind you, there are other things you can do to honor them in today’s digital world that wasn’t always possible in the past. Here are a few options.


Place An Obituary Online

Obituaries are pieces that you might picture as placed in the newspaper, and you can still do that for a cost. However, you can also write up your loved one’s obituary and place it on the funeral home’s website. You can then share the link to that piece over social media and spread the word further that way. You might reach more people than you would otherwise. And you can save money by placing it in the newspaper, though you can place it on paper, too.


Visually Memorialize Someone With Pictures

One thing you have left of your loved one is the many pictures with them in them. You can share those pictures on social media, over email with family, through text, or even through a website you create. Those memories are going to be with you and you have a visual representation of your loved one that can help to bring those memories to mind whenever you want to view them again.


Have A Service Through Video Chat

Your family might beCremation services in Peabody, MA spread out all over the country. Even if you wait a while to have a service, not everyone may be able to make it to the right location. You don’t want to leave anyone out because of proximity, so you have a service online. You can have a memorial service through video chat, for example. Gather your family at the same time online and talk about your loved one. Someone can share a poem, another person can talk through their emotions, and someone else can even give everyone a special song. The service can be whatever you want it to be, even online.


Connect With Family Through Email And Texting

In the past, you had to write a letter and wait a few days for it to arrive or pick up the phone to talk to a family member. Today, there are lots of other ways to stay in touch. You know the family was important to your loved one and you can stay connected to those special people in their honor through email, texting, and other technologically advanced ways. Putting a plan in place is actually a smart and caring thing to do.

Cremation services in Peabody, MA allow you to care for your loved one, but you can honor that person through lots of technological advancements in the future. Keep those options in mind moving forward.

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