Frequent Questions About Grief

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When you go through the grieving process, you are experiencing something no one else has before. Your grief is completely unique. Even if you have grieved a loss in the past, this time is going to be different. And another loss in the future will also be different. Remember that when you have questions about grief, even well after cremation services in Peabody, MA, the professionals at the funeral home are there for you. If they don’t have the answers, they can direct you toward someone else that can help. Here are some of the things you might ask.


When Will The Grief Go Away?

This is something everyone would like to know. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could mark the calendar for an exact date as to when your grief will end and go away? Unfortunately, that’s just not how grief works. No one will steadily grieve for a set amount of time and then just stop. Actually, grief isn’t something that ever completely goes away. But with time, it is something you learn to live with and adjust to. Instead of focusing on when you are going to feel all better, try your best to make it through each day and inch your way through a new normal a little at a time.


How Can I Get Through The Day?

cremation services in Peabody, MAWhen your grief is fresh, it’s going to feel hard to look very far into the future when you can’t see your loved one sitting next to you any longer. Your biggest goal is making it through the day, but even that can feel hard. The funeral director might suggest that you take things in smaller increments, like one hour at a time. Fill one hour with a walk outside. Another with time spent with a loved one. Perhaps take a bath and have a meal. Approach your life in small ways to make it through one day, and then the next, and so on.


Is Grief Counseling Helpful?

There are many people who find grief counseling a very helpful way to get through a hard time. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out for extra help. Grief counselors are professionals in the field who can listen to you vent, give you tools for healing, and help you to move into the future in a healthy manner.


What Support Groups Are Out There?

There are tons of different support groups in the area and there might be one that is just right for you. There are general support groups, but there are also groups for people who have lost spouses, groups for those who have lost kids, and so on. You can figure out what type of group you want, then find meeting times and places and see what works.

If you have these, or other, questions about your grief, the professionals who helped with your loved one’s cremation services in Peabody, MA are still there for you, even if the services are way behind you. They have compassion and will offer support.

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