Do I Really Need A Funeral Home Director?

Posted on October 17, 2022 by lyonsfuneral under Funeral Home
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Searching for the proper funeral home can be challenging. In addition, we’ve all heard horror stories about funeral home directors in Beverly, MA, and a lot of misinformation is being spread around. As such, we’re here to tell you why you need a funeral director and how they can help when your loved one passes.


Timing Can Be Difficult

When someone passes on, the timing is extremely limited. That is more true than ever now. In particular, if you skip the embalming process, you’ve got about two days to plan everything. That’s a lot to do when you’re unsure what to do. If you hire the funeral home director, however, you’ll find that this process goes much more smoothly, and you have less to worry about.


They Can Put You In Touch With Counselors

Another reason a funeral home director is invaluable is that they can put you in touch with grief counselors to help your family heal. This will be one of the most challenging times of your life, and there is no shame in asking the funeral home director for help when you need it. Because of the director’s connections, he can put you in touch with someone who can genuinely help you.


You Have A Better Funeral

Most people don’t know anything about funerals, and that makes sense. We’re not exposed to death daily, so it’s not something that we’ve studied or reflected on. However, the funeral director has, and they know what they’re talking about. You can use the director’s knowledge to your advantage and let them help you plan the funeral and memorial. There are thousands of tricks they know you don’t, which could save you time, money, and frustration. Trusting in those who know better may help you in the long run.


It Can Be Less Expensive

funeral home directors in Beverly, MAThis is one of the things that people get wrong about funerals all the time. When someone dies, they think the funeral director is out to get them for all their worth. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The funeral director will make a budget you can afford and ensure you only spend what you need to and not a single penny more. They’ll help you look at the arrangements and other areas and show you where you can cut back or where you may want to spend more depending on your unique budget and needs.


For example, if you can’t afford a casket, they might suggest cremation as it’s far cheaper, and they may suggest that you cut down on flowers and other areas to save money. If you have a budget that can withstand more, they’ll offer to show you things within that price range. Their goal is never to gouge you. Only to educate and help you.


A Funeral Home Director Has Done This Before

A funeral home director in Beverly, MA has done this before, and their advice is invaluable. Trust that the funeral home director knows what they’re doing; you can’t go wrong when honoring your family.