Arranging A Cremation Reception

Posted on March 27, 2023 by Lyons Funeral Home under Cremation services
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When you hear that someone you know has lost a loved one, it can be hard to know what to say to that person, and what to do to make them feel better. Keep in mind that nothing you say or do is going to bring their loved one back—so nothing will really make them feel better. But you can help them by supporting them with the cremation services in Beverly, MA they plan to have for their loved one. Reliving them of burdens can really aid them during this hard time. You might, for example, offer to arrange the reception they may like to have after the cremation service. Here are some tips for that process.


Find Out The Service Style

The type of reception you want to have might depend on the type of service they are having. If they are having a casual gathering in a park to scatter ashes, you might arrange a picnic to follow or a private room in a restaurant for family-style dining. If, on the other hand, they are having something more formal, perhaps you will go the catering route. The service style can help you to inform what direction you want to take with the reception.


Ask For Their Direction

The family might tell you to do whatever you want, and that’s fine. Then you are free to plan a nice reception of any kind. But they might also have some things they want, and you will want to be careful to include those, if at all possible. They might have a family member allergic to gluten, so they ask that you have the meal include gluten-free options. Perhaps they have a favorite restaurant, so they ask that you have something there. Anything they want, accommodate it if at all possible.


Figure Out Numbers

cremation services in Beverly, MA Another thing you will need from the family is about how many people will attend so you can plan for that. You need to know how much food to get, how much seating you need, and other such things. The numbers probably won’t be exact, so you are going to want to plan for a range around the number they give.


Ask Others For Help

While you might be planning the final service reception, there are likely plenty of other people who would love to pitch in and help in some way or another. You can ask other friends to set up, clean up, and serve. You might do a potluck and have all of the friends bring a certain dish to share. There will likely be plenty of help to go around if you reach out and ask a few people for what you need.

When you have offered to plan a reception after cremation services in Beverly, MA for a grieving family, it’s a nice gesture and can take a lot of heat from their shoulders when they already have so much else going on. Talk to the providers for any other tips you might need to get started.

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